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Mind-1-1 launched in Long Beach July 9th 2021!

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Who is Mind-1-1 for?

For you. For your friends. For family. For anyone looking to work on their mental health. Mind-1-1 is a safe space for people who want to take the next step and meet with a therapist, meditate, find mindfulness podcasts, dive into mental health resources or join a support group.

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Mind-1-1 bridges the gap between your resources and people that need it. 

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Apps & Podcasts

Mental health is moving toward more technology-based treatment which increases its reach and methods.

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Many different professionals offer counseling or talk therapy. For example, psychologists, social workers, counselors, and psychiatrist nurses.

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Treatment Centers

These centers offer inpatient care for people that have higher mental health needs.

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Community Mental Health

A community mental health agency is a federally funded organization that offers no-cost or low-cost mental health services.

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Support Groups

Support groups bring together people struggling with similar issues. They are usually run by a counselor or someone who shares the group’s common experience.

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Mindfulness & Meditation

Growing research has proven that mindfulness and meditation practices have helped reduce symptoms of anxiety, depression, PTDS, and even some medical ailments.

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Unlike therapists, psychiatrists are able to prescribe medications to treat mental health disorders.

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Workplace Wellness

Mental wellness in the workplace is just as important as personal mental wellness.

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September 21, 2021

How Mental Health Affects Vision

This article was originally posted on NVISION Vision issues can negatively impact both physical well-being and mental health. In turn, many psychiatric conditions and medications can increase the odds of…
April 16, 2021

Shaping Our New Normal in 2020 and Beyond

With everything going on globally, nationally and locally; we have all been hearing buzz words like, “Process,” “heal” and “Self-care”. While these terms may feel new, the actions attached to…

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