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Reality Consciousness is an accelerated process that helps activate higher love within one's being. We meet weekly online, dealing with queer relationships. Some are coupled. Some are single. When one finds peace, solutions, insights, love from the inside, it attracts more of the same from the outside. Reality Consciousness is a rapid way to do this, through weekly live Zoom calls. Each call contains a 10 minute class, followed by a live Awareness Meditation that changes the energy of each individual, by raising their awareness. Consciousness is not about religion or non-religion. It is about energy and is compatible with all beliefs. What happens depends on the individual, as there are no guarantees here. This is not therapy, but Awareness coaching. Continue to see your healthcare provider. Couples may become even stronger, or break up. Singles may find partners or resonate with being single. Everyone is different. Our minds, bodies, spirit, and the Universe are trying to communicate with us. It takes several calls to learn the new language, as well as increase capacity for enhanced energy. Some even go to sleep, which is OK. Do not drive for 20 minutes after the call. The live Zoom calls take place on Tuesday nights, 7PM Pacific. Tier 1 level patrons receive weekly tips. Tier 2 and 3 Patrons receive links for the LIVE calls in their inboxes.

Saban Community Clinic

(323) 653-1990

At Saban Community Clinic, all patients get the care they deserve and the attention they expect. For many patients, visiting SCC is the first time they feel truly seen and appreciated. Our team of doctors, nurses, medical professionals, and volunteers show up for our patients by providing superior healthcare at every step. At SCC, mental health is a priority. We treat a variety of mental health concerns for children, adolescents, families, and adults based on everyone’s unique challenges, needs, and goals. Our team approach to Behavioral Health includes various disciplines, such as psychology, psychiatry, social work, developmental-behavioral pediatrics, marriage and family therapy, mental health prevention, case management, and care coordination.