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Nadeshda Hernandez

(909) 241-8790

You create your own reality. At first this can feel scary or intimidating because we don't intentionally cause problems. However, once you realize how powerful you really are, you can intentionally create as opposed to "by chance." I would love to create with you the life that you want: love, success, peace, fun...whatever it is, let's help you connect with your true self and enjoy the inevitable process of expansion!

Nadeshda Hernandez

  • 1232 East Wardlow Road, Long Beach, California 90807, US

Are you a Child Development Center, an Independent or Private School in need of additional supports? Whether it is workshops for supporting teachers, parents, or even students; Dr. Watson and her Associates can help. Schedule a consultation so that we can discuss your individual needs.

Amanda Rizo

(305) 467-3157

Amanda is passionate about inspiring clients to embrace and allow their well-being. She helps clients cultivate authentic relationships in their lives; both with themselves and others. She provides a safe environment for clients to explore their true selves, while mastering the process of creating their own reality and seeing the powerful beings they are. She supports clients in living enriched and empowered lives with ease, fun, and bliss.