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Amanda Rizo

(305) 467-3157

Amanda is passionate about inspiring clients to embrace and allow their well-being. She helps clients cultivate authentic relationships in their lives; both with themselves and others. She provides a safe environment for clients to explore their true selves, while mastering the process of creating their own reality and seeing the powerful beings they are. She supports clients in living enriched and empowered lives with ease, fun, and bliss.
Motivational Goal Setting/Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Group More than two decades of research demonstrates that education promoting social and emotional learning (SEL) gets results.
  • Students have different motivations for engaging in learning, behaving positively, and performing academically. Social and emotional learning (SEL) provides a foundation for safe and positive learning and enhances students' ability to succeed in school, careers, and life:
  • self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making
Small group sessions are 6 weeks customized by age and/or gender. During each session group members will focus on a skill and learn specific strategies.

This  7 -step method changes your mind to become Truth.  At Atlantic Meditation, you can learn to cleanse your mind.  Instead of just calming your mind temporarily, you will learn how to thoroughly cleanse your mind with a step-by-step process of self-reflection and letting go. True lasting changes can happen.

Atlantic Meditation-Long Beach

  • 4352 Atlantic Ave, Long Beach, CA 90807