With everything going on globally, nationally and locally; we have all been hearing buzz words like, “Process,” “heal” and “Self-care”. While these terms may feel new, the actions attached to these words are far from new. In my opinion 2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic may have brought the reality and necessity of the aforementioned terms and actions. Unfortunately it took a global pandemic and the death of nearly 500,000 Americans; for America as a nation to really consider discussing the implications of life as we knew it and exploring an alternative and healthier ways.

Time is something that has become more important. In years past familial obligations, daily commutes and leisure activities took up a great deal of our time. One of the silver linings in the pandemic, well at least in the very beginning people had a bit more time. With stay at home orders set in place, remote working/learning in many sectors and decreased options for outside entertainment; folks had more time.


Time for ourselves

With this time some folks caught up on rest, others decorated or re-decorated their homes/living spaces, some folks embarked upon new interest hobbies or reconnected with older interest and hobbies.

Time for our own schedules

With this time we have all had to readjust our schedules and how/where we were spending our time.

Time to care for our bodies

Some of us realized that with this we may need to exercise more, we may need to cook/buy healthier food options.

Time to care of our minds

The time has created space for many of us to be a bit more intentional with our time and how we were using it.

With the reallocation of our time and possibly evaluating our priorities, there was time to turn inward and look within. Time to intentionally or unintentionally look within has created space to process things that may have had to be tucked away during the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Processing could have been done with the help of a therapist or spiritual practitioner. Processing could be examining your life experiences and beliefs up to this point in your journey. Being that we were individually and collectively experiencing the pandemic, we had to adapt to an ever changing normal.

Time to Heal & Grow

In adapting to the new normal we were tasked with relinquishing the things (habits, practices, relationships and attachments) that no longer serve us. Relinquishing ourselves of old habits is not always as easy as emptying a plate that we have finished eating from. Sometimes this is a true process of healing. Healing is truly a process and not even a linear process. Within the process of healing there are some days where you feel amazing and as though you’ve created a great space and then the next day you can find yourself feeling like a stranger in your own life. These feelings are truly natural in the healing process. One of the most challenging parts of the healing process is leaning into the discomfort and trusting in the process, even when you cannot see the outcome. As it relates to the healing process this is truly a journey in which we continue to give our best, giving our best helps us become better, becoming better leads us to evolving to a greater version of ourselves.

Time is truly one of the most valuable assets that we have as humans. 2020 really helped many of us evaluate how and where we spend our time, but on a deeper level it’s also encouraged many folks to be more intentional about how they spend their time. With the new habits and routines created I encourage folks to build in time to relax and engage in self-care practices. Time cannot be replaced or reused, so it’s really up to us all to make the best of the time that we have.

When thinking of moving forward, beyond 2020 and beyond the pandemic; one would really have to consider intentional and meaningful moves forward. Just as 2020 was really unfamiliar to all of us, some of the necessary steps forward may be unfamiliar as well. One recommendation for anyone feeling any ambivalence in moving forward, should consider getting connected to mental health services and supports. You can explore the directory filled with mental health resources and providers that offer a number of different services that can help you reshape your new normal now. This is an uncomfortable process, but with dedication and consistency the change you wish to see will be your reality.

If you feel, think or believe that you are ready for something different, it is okay and safe to ask for help. Though the events of your life are not solely your responsibility; your growth and healing are indeed your responsibility.

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Jordan D. Le Blanc, ACSW, PPSC 

Author Jordan D. Le Blanc, ACSW, PPSC 

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