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Adriana Davidson is a bilingual Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) offering telehealth services for anyone residing in Texas, Vermont & Florida. She works with adolescents and adults individually using an eclectic approach tailored to the unique needs of each new client. In 2016 Ms. Davidson graduated with a Masters in Social Work with a focus in Mental Health & Substance Abuse. Ms. Davidson received specialized mental health and substance abuse clinical training for working specifically with children and youth funded through the US Department of Health & Human Services, Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA). Through several years of internships and employment, she gained experience in non profit, school district, substance abuse facility, outpatient, group practice & home health settings that allowed her to provide quality patient care, individual treatment planning, and a genuine approach to care for people at their most vulnerable moments. The intake process is used as a way to make sure the client feels comfortable moving forward. The treatment plan looks different for everyone but she starts by asking the client what their needs are and expectations in therapy. Ms. Davidson has over 8 years of experience in a variety of settings and with diverse clients, including both long-term and brief interventions. Areas of expertise include anxiety, depression, chronic pain/illness, PCOS/weight gain, family conflict, stress, coping skills, relationship challenges, vocational changes, life transitions, sexuality, and anger management. She has a passion to serve anyone regardless of sexuality or religious beliefs. Adriana believes in offering clients a safe space where they can feel compassion, no judgment, just empathy, and acceptance.

Kindred Spirits Counseling

  • Remote, ,Anna Tx, US

Amanda Perez

(424) 241-0288

Making the step to improve your own or a loved one's mental health happens for a variety of reasons; whatever those reasons are, you deserve the best support. Whether my client is a child, adolescent, or adult, I am proud to give you the support and tools that work best towards improvement.
I am specially trained to work with children, youth, and families. I have extensive experience working with adolescents and young adults as well and look forward to being able to provide you with the appropriate therapeutic setting whether it is individual, dyadic/triadic, or in a group.
My primary focus is to ensure that you are seen, valued, and heard. I believe first and foremost in establishing a positive relationship with you and from there continuing to meet your needs as continued levels of respect and trust are established between us.

Amanda Perez

  • 2200 Pacific Coast Highway Suite 219, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254, US

Two Chairs Therapy

(415) 202-5159

Research shows that a strong client-therapist relationship is the key to great therapy, so we’ve invested in perfecting the match. At Two Chairs, 98% of clients are happy with their first match! That's because unlike other providers, Two Chairs takes time, human to human, to get to know exactly what clients need. Clients spend 45 minutes with a licensed expert trained extensively in matching people to the right therapist. They ensure nuanced needs and preferences are understood, and that goals align with our therapists' specialties. With over 170 therapists, nearly half of whom are BIPOC identifying, a quarter speaking another language, and delivering care in over 90 different specialties and 35 modalities, we are certain we can get clients the help they deserve. In addition to making sure we match clients with the right therapist, we check in regularly to help them reflect on different aspects of their mental health. Fluctuation is expected and normal, but we are committed to helping every client feel better faster. How do we know it's working? We measure! 80% of clients report symptom reduction in anxiety or depression in just 12 sessions! We offer support across our beautiful clinics in California and Washington, as well as through teletherapy.

Shannon Schneider, LCPC

(217) 383-0151

Call us at (217) 383-0151 and schedule your free 30-minute consultation, for relationship counseling, couples counseling, marriage counseling, eating disorder counseling, school anxiety disorder, bipolar disorder therapist, substance abuse, depression, grief counseling, academic difficulties, trauma, self-harm, teenage difficulties and many more.

Shannon Schneider, LCPC

  • 3362 Big Pine Trail, Suite A, ,IL Champaign, US

Melissa Sanchez

(951) 899-4558

Your thoughts are racing. You are questioning your next move. Worst case scenarios are all you can think about. The “what if’s” in your brain start taking over. What if I lose control? What if I get a heart attack? Are others noticing what's happening to me? Where is the nearest exit? Fear begins to overwhelm your thoughts and panic begins to take over. Here we go again. Another panic attack and I’ve lost all control. Another day consumed by anxiety. Even though you want to be bold and fight, your brain tells you that you just can’t do it. It’s always going to be this way. If you’re tired of feeling defeated and overwhelmed with anxiety, I can help you find a sense of calm and peace in your heart. Together we can use techniques such as mindfulness, tapping, and other anxiety reducing techniques to find joy in the present moment and reclaim your life. Let’s get you back to being that confident, capable, and strong person that anxiety robbed you of. Don’t let anxiety hold you back. It’s time to take action and be the master of your own fate. You are the cure. Contact me now for a 15 min free consultation. It’s time.

Melissa Sanchez

  • 3900 Main Street, Riverside, California 92522, US

Making professional counseling accessible, affordable, convenient - so anyone who struggles with life’s challenges can get help, anytime, anywhere.

Nadeshda Hernandez

(909) 241-8790

You create your own reality. At first this can feel scary or intimidating because we don't intentionally cause problems. However, once you realize how powerful you really are, you can intentionally create as opposed to "by chance." I would love to create with you the life that you want: love, success, peace, fun...whatever it is, let's help you connect with your true self and enjoy the inevitable process of expansion!

Nadeshda Hernandez

  • 1232 East Wardlow Road, Long Beach, California 90807, US

Amanda Rizo

(305) 467-3157

Amanda is passionate about inspiring clients to embrace and allow their well-being. She helps clients cultivate authentic relationships in their lives; both with themselves and others. She provides a safe environment for clients to explore their true selves, while mastering the process of creating their own reality and seeing the powerful beings they are. She supports clients in living enriched and empowered lives with ease, fun, and bliss.

Socorro Elias

(562) 291-6356

Socorro has over 7-years of experience in therapeutic work with children and their families, adults and couples. Some of her work includes and is not limited to depression, anxiety, interpersonal relationship issues, parent-child difficulties, communication skills, attachment concerns, loss, adjustment disorders, and transitional life choices.

Socorro Elias

  • 5199 East Los Altos Plaza, Long Beach, California 90815, US